Transform your Business Model for the Digital Economy


Learn the secrets of the digital masters and how, where (and why) to apply them

My new video-based education programme enables senior executives and their teams to

  1. Understand and adopt the world’s most advanced and scalable digital business models
  2. Create platforms that orchestrate and monetise powerful new ecosystems of innovation
  3. Re-allocate capital and resources to new portfolios of activity that improve valuation
  4. Activate the 5 critical steps to RENEW an organisation for success in a digital world

What ​we mean by ‘Business Model’

The way a company, business unit or product group seeks to create value for customers, capture value for itself, and share value with others.

Your business model determine​s​ your growth rate, return on assets, margins and valuation.​ 'Advanced digital platform-based business models' perform best.

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The course is based on 

New financial analysis – of the performance of hundreds of companies: which business models outperform on CAGR, RoA, EBIT & Price/Sales Ratios

Cutting-edge best practices – the most impactful approaches to digital transformation, which move the valuation needle

World-leading case studies – incumbent pioneers from ten sectors and four continents who are implementing bold strategies that are beating the market

Practical next steps – actionable check-lists of what to do, when and how


“Brilliant analysis.” 
Senior Partner, Global Management Consultancy 

“Simon is at the forefront of digital trends.”
Group Chief Strategy Officer, Global Telco

“Simon is one of a very small number of senior consultants who truly understands platform-based business models and how traditional enterprises can successfully incorporate them”
Senior Director, European Media Company

“Simon is a thought leader extraordinaire!” 
Director of Leadership, Global Training Company

“I recommend this course to all leaders.” Digital Director, Global Bank

"Simon adds a lot of value" 
CEO, Software Company

Why Now? Corporate executives are nervous about the future

80% say their existing business models are at risk
6% satisfied with innovation efforts
14% feel ready for the digital economy
8% dynamically re-allocate capital/resources
2% have a future-proof organisation structure

Source: Amalgamation of recent C-level surveys by leading consulting and research companies

“For incumbents, digital strategy in 2018 will stop being about trendy experiments and start being a matter of life and death”

The Economist January 2018.

The course is an easy to consume, on-demand video program comprising 5 x 45 minute modules 

Module 1: The new growth agenda – the new sources of value in the digital economy

Module 2: Platform, network and ecosystem know-how – the 10 key platform strategies and how (in practice) to apply them

Module 3: Business model pioneers – 10+ case studies from 4 continents of bold strategies that have moved the valuation needle

Module 4: New business model portfolio – how to re-allocate capital and resources to create new growth flywheels

Module 5: RENEW – the 5 step holistic process to re-juvenate your organisation’s ability to respond to market opportunities at speed

In-depth case studies from across 10 sectors and 4 continents include

The course is specially designed for​

CEOs, CFOs, Chairmen, Board Members - looking for new insights and perspectives on how to create new growth and value in a fast changing digital world

Chief Digital Officers and their teams - looking for best practice in digital transformation, how to implement platform-based business models, and manage internal change

Line of Business leaders - wanting new ways to dramatically boost value for customers and all stakeholders.

Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Operations, IT, and HR leaders and their teams - tasked with driving or supporting innovation and growth.

Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs - looking to understand cutting-edge best practice in digital business model strategy and how to implement it

Investors - looking for new ways to assess and value companies and new market opportunities.

Vendors and consultants - who need stimulating new ideas to bring to their clients.

Benefits of this course

  • ​Save time and money learning about the critical new discipline of 'business model transformation'
  • Short and e​asy to consume, on-demand video-based​ material
  • Very comprehensive​, independent​ analysis​ of best/next practice​
  • Practical and holistic​ ​check-lists
  • Actionable i​​​nsights that will enhance your growth strategy


“Those who think that business model transformation is not relevant to them are most vulnerable to the threats of digitisation. The New Growth Playbook provides a new blueprint for mitigating these threats and maximising the opportunities.”

Simon Torrance, Author and Presenter,
The New Growth Playbook

The course helps leaders and their teams answer questions like these

Q: Why are we unable to grow at the rates we did in the past?

Q: Why is digitisation shrinking our profit pools? How can we best respond?

Q: How exactly do platform-based businesses (like Amazon) generate such growth and value? What aspects of this model can we adopt, and how?

Q: Where should we focus our investments in digital transformation, and how much should we allocate?

Q: What are the best case studies of incumbents succeeding with business model transformation? What can we learn from them?

Q: How could we re-structure our organisation to deliver a business model transformation that significantly impacts our valuation?

Q: How can I engage my colleagues, Board and shareholders in an effective debate about our future direction?

Welcome to the New Growth Playbook.

I hope you like what you've seen and heard above and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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