My focus is business model transformation:

  • How organisations create and capture value - in ways that work best in a digital economy. 
  • Where they allocate capital - new types of business model portfolios with higher potential returns. 
  • What sort of operational structures they create - that can most effectively invent the future and optimise the present.
  • Who they need to attract and retain - new digital talent and skills, from the Board down
  • Why organisations exist - how to define a more compelling purpose and role in the world

I apply special methods and tools to help senior executives and their teams understand the new sources of value in a fast changing world and how, in practice, to transform their business models to be fit for the future.

My ongoing research into the business models and financial performance of hundreds of companies shows that any organisation in any sector can apply the principles of ‘Platform Thinking, ‘Digital Ecosystem Management and ‘Lean Scale Up’ to create new ways to grow value.

My RENEW framework helps leaders with:

  1. Resetting the way they think about sources of growth and value
  2. Envisioning new growth opportunities within new ecosystems 
  3. Non-traditional capital allocation to more impactful portfolios 
  4. Energising their organisation with an 'ambidextrous' structure 
  5. Widening their brand's appeal to new customers, partners, and developers

I work with a network of world-class expert collaborators - specialist consultants, software providers, SI’s, and academics - to deliver high impact programmes for clients.

My work spans multiple sectors including: technology, telecoms, entertainment, financial services, public sector, utilities, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing.

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