The New Growth Playbook

Online video program for senior executives and their teams


Every company has the potential to grow like Amazon, Apple and Alibaba.

They (simply) need to:

  • Invest in digital business models and platform strategies
  • Re-structure their operations
  • Innovate and execute in new ways

I spent a year analysing in-depth which business models work best in a hyper-connected world and how traditional organisations can, in practice, adopt and adapt them.

My easy-to-consume online video program shows you how. Details below.



Simon Torrance

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Corporate leaders are worried 

Even without the current crisis, digitisation has been shrinking traditional profit pools, and growth has been harder than ever for incumbents. Surveys have demonstrated the scale of the problem:

  • 80% of CEOs believe their business models are not economically viable as their sector digitalises
  • 94% of CEOs are unhappy with innovation efforts
  • 85% of digital investment has generated zero or negative ‘Economic Value Added’
  • 90% of corporate start-ups have failed

While we have to stabilise things right now, we also need to plan for the future and renew how we think about strategy, innovation and where best to invest.

This course helps by answering important questions

Which business models perform best in a connected world? Why and How?

  • How exactly do the tech giants and Unicorn startups grow so fast, and how can traditional companies emulate their methods?
  • How do digital, platform-based business models work and what are the requirements to execute them effectively?
  • Which incumbents have transformed their business economics? What can we learn and apply from their stories?
  • How should we re-think our innovation portfolios to increase economic profit and valuation multiples?
  • How can we re-structure our organisations to grab new growth opportunities much faster?
Free Sample - lessons from Amazon
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Easy to consume, Netflix-style format

The course comprises 40 short videos (2-10 mins each), within 5 modules so you can consume in the way that suits you. Supported by actionable check-lists and specific learning tasks.

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Evidence-based and highly graphical

Based on an in-depth analysis of the relationship between business models and financial performance; world-class case studies; best-practice methods and frameworks. Engagingly conveyed using easy to follow graphs and images.

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1:1 Personal Advisory

Add-on option for a 2 hour private online 'clinic' to help apply the concepts in the course to the specifics of your company. (Remote, onsite, face to face and tailored versions of the course are also available).

Summary introduction to the course

Free Sample - lessons from Amazon
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Content and Agenda

Module 1:
The New Growth Agenda: How to re-think sources of growth and value in an increasingly digital economy

  • How the new digital economy is creating unprecedented opportunities and threats and how executive decision-making needs to evolve
  • Why digitisation is reducing traditional profit pools, and what to do about it
  • What is ‘business model transformation’ and why is it so critical for organisations today (especially incumbents)
  • What are the practical considerations in planning business model transformation: impact on strategy, capital allocation, skills, operations

Module 2:
Platform, Network and Ecosystem Know-How: How (exactly) platform-based business models work and how to implement them

  • Why ‘Network Effects’, ‘Learning Effects’ and ‘Data Effects’ are so powerful and how incumbents can to generate them
  • What are the 10 platform strategies that incumbents should consider
  • What are the 5 key steps to integrate a platform-based strategy into your corporate, digital, financial and operational strategy.

Module 3:
Business Model Pioneers: Case studies and examples from around the world

  • Key case studies and examples of incumbents who have boldly implemented new platform-based strategies, across 10 sectors and 4 continents
  • Best practice from companies that have implemented bold strategies
  • Key lessons for leaders looking to boost their company’s valuation

Module 4:
The New Hybrid Business Model Portfolio: How to re-allocate capital towards a better mix of business models

  • What are the main types of ‘business model’ and which perform best (in terms of valuation, growth rates, ROA, profit margins)
  • Why is the current approach to corporate capital and resource allocation not delivering the results it could, and how to think differently about your assets
  • How to create a new business model portfolio than can deliver greater value (to customers, partners and shareholders)

Module 5:
RENEW: How to kick start a Business Model Transformation

  • 5 step process for effective activation of a Business Model Transformation, at any level of the organisation (corporate, business unit, product group)
  • How to re-organise for success, leveraging ‘VC-like’ approaches
  • What metrics should guide your transformation, and how to re-think your organisational structure

Email me personally if you have questions: [email protected]

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Online Programme

  • 5 months' access
  • 40 high quality short videos
  • Downloadable materials and team learning tasks


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Online + 1:1 Consulting

  • 5 months’ access
  • Downloadable materials
  • 2 hours 1:1 video clinic with Simon Torrance via Skype/Zoom


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Onsite Training

  • Remote or in person presentations, training, workshops
  • For your executives and teams
  • Content tailored to your needs



Some feedback

"Your New Growth Playbook is one of the most inspiring courses I have ever experienced". Course Participant, April 2020

"Very clear and compelling explanations of new and complex topics - ideal for educating our CFOs!" VP Open Innovation, Global Manufacturer

“Brilliant analysis.” Senior Partner, Global Management Consultancy 

“Simon is at the forefront of digital thinking.” Group Chief Strategy Officer, Global Telco

“Simon is one of a very small number of senior consultants who truly understands platform-based business models and how traditional enterprises can successfully incorporate them”. Senior Director, European Media Company

“Simon is a thought leader extraordinaire!” Director of Leadership, Global Training Company

“I recommend this course to all leaders.” Managing Director, Chief Digital Office, Global Bank

"Simon's analysis adds a lot of value." CEO, Software company

Summary of benefits

  • Save time and money learning about platform strategy and business model transformation
  • Short and e​asy to consume, on-demand video-based​ material
  • Comprehensive​ and independent​ analysis​ of global best/next practice​
  • Global case studies from across multiple sectors
  • Practical ​check-lists for how to move forward
  • Actionable i​​​nsights to inform and enhance your growth and innovation strategies


It’s time to transform your business model and get fit for a brighter tomorrow

Free Sample - lessons from Amazon
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