Transform your business model - new webinar 16th April 2018

webinar Mar 18, 2018

Delighted to be supporting London Tech Week in June. As a warm up, the organisers have asked me to deliver a webinar on 'Total Business Model Transformation for the digital economy', which will be broadcast at 12pm GMT on 16th April and available on demand afterwards. You can register for free here.

I'll be sharing the results of my latest financial analysis of the business models that are moving the valuation needle today, case studies of business model pioneers (from 4 continents) who have achieved market-beating results by incorporating platform-based business models, and introducing a new 5 step process that incumbent organisations can deploy to renew themselves for a digital world, along with these topics:

- Which types of business model outperform others 10x, and why? How does your organisation compare?

- How to create platform-powered ecosystems that drive new growth and value?

- Which corporates have most successfully transformed their business models, and how?

- How to re-allocate capital and resources to more powerful digital business models that impact your valuation?

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