Key Media/Tech Trends - Insightful Report

news Nov 23, 2017

Very impressive slide presentation on the key media/tech trends/insights from the team at Activate. Well worth spending the time to go through it carefully.

Key points: 

*There are 31 Hours in a Day 

*$300 Billion in Tech and Media Growth Dollars 

*Super Users: A Lot More Time, a Lot More Money 

*Smart Speaker Battles [Alexa etc] are about the Great Digital Assistant Wars 

*Reality Computing: VR/AR Move from Entertainment to the Next Big Computing Platform 

*Big Influencers and Media Brands will Rule Web Video 

*Premium Video: The Chase for Television Viewers and Television Dollars 

*Sports is the Ultimate Moat 

*News Brands will Beat Fake News (Spread by Fake Friends) 

*eCommerce: More than Two Trillion Dollars To Go 

*In an Era of Voice Control, Look to Podcasting to Engage Users

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