The Internet of...Pee ('IoP')?!

technology Jan 03, 2017

How many nappies are there in the world today, 'active' at any one time? What if they could be connected in real-time? Think of the opportunities to...solve problems we can't even conceive of today. Supply chain track and trace, consumer/mother engagement, wellness monitoring, leakage, what else?

Why are we letting all this valuable flow (of information) be flushed away (or, more accurately, fester in landfills)? The potential to take advantage of this huge new 'data lake' is surely vast...

And this is just the start. Mankind has only just starting exploring the Internet of Things. Every day there's a new version, an Internet of ElevatorsInternet of SofasInternet of Fish, etc

These wonderful innovations, and many more, are being tracked by what is now my favourite twitter feed, The Internet of Sh*t. It's well worth following to keep up to date with important developments in the fast emerging 4th Industrial Revolution (and as a sanity check against hyperbole).

Here are a few examples of the sorts of breakthrough invention they've come across:

A more hygienic (and less messy?) way to make love:

Key enabler of a crucial Bottle-Opening Effectiveness ('BOE') Index?

Connected Hair Brush - what would Vidal Sassoon pay to get access to this data?

CES 2017 exclusive: announcing the dawn of 'The Internet of Pillows'

This is just the tip of the (connected) iceberg of course...Do share your own favourite innovations.

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