GE Digital, Smart Energy and New Digital Services Marketplaces

summit Jan 09, 2017

I was delighted to support GE Digital at their European power industry event at Bayern Munich's stadium at the end of last year. On the keynote panel I talked about how platform-based business models are driving disruptive innovation across many sectors, and the opportunity for the energy industry to apply the principles to add new value to local economies and create new ways to grow.

As an example of innovation in the energy sector I described a fascinating project from the US called the Agile Fractal Grid, part of the president's Smart America programme to stimulate socio-economic growth.

It's a great example of re-thinking how to leverage assets and capabilities to create new value. In this case it's about supporting the re-generation of rural America.

It's well worth listening carefully to the presentation below, given at MIT's Platform Strategies Summit last year, by John Reynolds of the Agile Fractal Grid. He describes how they're creating a public-private infrastructure to support NRECA - a unique association of regional electricity cooperatives (with 42m end users) - to deliver not only a secure and modern smart grid but also an ambitious digital services marketplace to support IoT innovation (smart home, health, agriculture, etc). The principles behind it are relevant for any part of the world.

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