Digital Ecosystem Management - the winning business model for the '4th Industrial Revolution'

management Apr 04, 2016

I'm delighted to be presenting this webinar on 'Addressable Markets in the Fourth Industrial Revolution', on 20th April at 3pm GMT, 4pm CET, 10am EST, 7am PST:

Free registration here:

With no growth in the telecoms industry for the foreseeable future, the existing industry business model has reached its end of life and needs rejuvenating. 

As the world moves towards the ‘Internet of Everything’ and the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, a new trillion dollar addressable market is opening up for telcos. 

To take advantage of this market telcos must adapt the successful business model of the internet players by creating, managing and monetising ecosystems of partners via platform-based business models.

This webinar will help senior execs understand:

  • What is the 4th Industrial Revolution and what types of addressable market is it creating?

  • What types of business models are winning in this environment?

  • How can telcos fully leverage their assets and capabilities to create a new wave of growth?

  • How to overcome technical, commercial and organisational barriers to success?

Free registration here: 

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