Platform Strategy & Execution for Corporates - key principles and examples


The video above is from a recent online talk and discussion at the 'Innov8rs Connect' Unconference. 

In this session I give a 15 minute intro presentation on how platform business models work, why they are so powerful and important, and the 5 main archetypes that corporates can create.

Then in the remaining 45 minutes of Q&A we discuss topics such as:

  • What are the different types of platform plays that traditional companies can adopt or adapt and incorporate into their portfolios?
  • How can traditional companies create or improve platform strategies, in ways that positively impact the fundamental economics of their business?
  • What are some good examples of corporate platform plays?
  • How to avoid cannibalisation with the core business?
  • What sorts of organisational structures are needed to fully exploit new digital business models like platforms and ecosystems?
  • How to create compelling investment cases for senior execs?

If you want to explore this topic in more detail, please see my online video course:

Here's some summary context for the topic:

Platform Strategy - The critical enabler for success in the digital economy

Platforms are the most powerful business models on the planet, operated by the world’s most valuable companies and 70% of all Unicorn startups.

Highly suited to our hyperconnected world, platform-enabled businesses have continued to grow rapidly during the Covid crisis while other business models have come under increased pressure.

McKinsey forecasts that 30% of all global economic activity ($60 trillion) could be mediated by platforms within new digital ecosystems by 2025.

Yet less than 2% of corporates have effective platform strategies today.

Here's a reminder of how the world has changed:



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