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“Let’s accelerate the world’s recovery from this current crisis. This means fighting back against old ways of thinking and acting and creating new portfolios of innovation and digital ventures that deliver real impact."

Simon Torrance

Senior advisor, presenter of the New Growth Playbook & co-author of Fightback

My focus is helping organisations grow more dynamically and sustainably by adopting advanced digital business models, particularly related to platforms and ecosystems.

For over 25 years I've helped companies with new growth strategy  and business model innovation, working with big and small organisations across many sectors and regions of the world.

I work with a network of world-class partners – subject matter experts and specialist execution organisations - to develop and implement platform-based growth strategies, breakthrough innovation programmes and new digital ventures.

I am a member of World Economic Forum programs including its Digital Platforms & Ecosystems working group, I co-founded and run the Platform Economy Summit, the world’s biggest event on the topic, and I’m a guest lecturer at Singularity University.

The aim here is to help leaders and organisations prepare for the future, exploit exponential technologies and solve the world's most urgent problems.

I recently spent a year analysing which business models deliver the best economic returns and value, for customers and shareholders; which are the most resilient, even in crises; and how, in practice, traditional companies can incorporate them to create a step-change in the way they grow.

The real challenge is two-fold: leadership understanding and organisational execution. Leaders of large organisations are smart, but they are often trapped by what they know and their past successes. At the same time their organisations are rarely optimised for breakthrough innovation.

New business models that leverage networks, data and AI operate with very different economics and require different skills, methods and metrics which don’t typically reside within traditional businesses.

Yet to compete effectively in a digital world companies need to be able to create portfolios of innovation and ventures which leverage new technology and new business models. This is a daunting challenge.

To help leaders and their teams plan their transformations more effectively I recently turned my research and hands-on experience into an online executive education course – ‘The New Growth Playbook’ 

In January 2020 I also published a new book – ‘FightBack’  (How to win in the digital economy with platforms, ventures and entrepreneurs), kindly endorsed by many senior leaders and entrepreneurs.

My passion is to make new things happen, to help people think differently about their potential, and to change the game – whether that is at the level of individual leaders and their teams, business units, companies or industries and countries as a whole.

In this time of pandemic crisis I believe new ways of thinking and acting are needed more than ever.

I work with a network of world-class expert collaborators - specialist consultants, software providers, SI’s, and academics - to deliver high impact programmes for clients.

My work spans multiple sectors including: technology, telecoms, entertainment, financial services, media, public sector, utilities, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing.

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