I help organisations grow in new ways through business model innovation.  I work with Leaders, Executive Teams and Boards to create new growth strategies based on the new disciplines of:

Platform Strategy’, ‘Digital Ecosystem Management’ and ‘Venture Building'.

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New ways to grow in the Digital Economy

As we enter what many are calling a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - enabled by a fusion of the physical, digital and biological worlds – my research shows that organizations in every sector need to radically re-think their role in the world and how they create and capture value.

I work with a global network of expert collaborators to provide the following services that support and enable this change:


Helping clients transform their businesses models to fully harness new growth opportunities in the digital economy. (More)


Keynotes and executive training on 'Breakthrough Growth Strategies for the Digital Economy'. Covering: Platform Business Models, Exponential Organisations, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Nations, and How to compete/collaborate with Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent? (More)

Venture Building

Helping established companies create new digital businesses in collaboration with entrepreneurs. (More)

Examples of organisations I've been working with recently


The New Growth PlaybookTM

Learn the growth secrets of the digital masters and how their platform-based business models generate extraordinary value. The practical steps any organisation can take to incorporate them and boost their growth potential. A new high-impact online video-based course for senior executives and their teams

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