New ways to grow in the Digital Economy

Simon helps organisations grow in new ways through business model innovation.  He works with Leaders, Executive Teams and Boards to create new growth strategies d on the new disciplines of:

‘Platform Thinking’, ‘Digital Ecosystem Management’ and ‘Lean Scale Up'.

As we enter what many are calling a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ enabled by a fusion of the physical, digital and biological worlds – organizations in every sector need to radically re-think their role in the world and how they create and capture value.

Supported by a global network of expert collaborators, Simon provides 3 services to support this change:

  • Advisory: helping clients transform their businesses from low-growth incumbents into high value  ‘platform-powered ecosystems drivers’. More
  • Speaking: keynotes and executive training on 'New Growth Strategies for the Digital Economy'. Covering: Platform Business Models, Exponential Organisations, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Nations, Big Data, Lean Innovation, and How to compete / collaborate with Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon? More
  • Brokering: helping large companies source innovative new tech solutions and small tech companies raise capital for expansion. More

To contact him, please email